About Us

ABC/Nepal is a non-profit human rights organisation with a special focus on the trafficking of women and children for the purpose of sexual exploitation. ABC/N was the first organisation in Nepal to bring attention to the issue of trade in humans and to work at raising awareness amongst various segments of society to this gross violation of human rights. The organisation advocates gender equality by promoting women's education and economic empowerment.
The overall vision of ABC/N is to prevent the trafficking of women and children and to create a society free from violence and exploitation. We have adopted a two-tier approach: the first harnesses an integrated community development approach to bring about socio-economic improvements to the target groups at the grass roots level. The second works to sensitise the government and public to women’s issues, the trafficking of girls for forced prostitution and HIV/AIDS.
We run education and awareness programmes in trafficking prone communities; provide skills training and create savings and credit cooperatives for women; run 3 transit homes for victims of trafficking, domestic violence, rape and other forms of displacement; provide formal and non-formal education for girls and women; and also basic medical services at field clinics and the transit homes.
ABC Nepal is an officially registered non-profit organisation with the Social Welfare Council, registration no. 527 and with the District Administration Office (CDO) Kathmandu (registration number 8/047/048) valid until July 2013.
The organisation was founded and is directed by Mrs Durga Ghimire and is governed by a ten member committee. Currently there are 49 paid members of staff in 4 working districts and we also have voluntary staff in 14 districts.

Strategic Objectives

  • To prevent trafficking in women and girl children
  • To protect the rights of survivors of trafficking and victims of all forms of violence.
  • To facilitate economic empowerment of women through viable income generating programmes.
  • To lobby the government to implement laws and policies in accordance with international laws and conventions.
  • To build the collective strengths and negotiation skills of target communities and NGOs working to combat gender-based violence.
  • To promote and protect the rights of women and children.

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