Current Partners

Name  of  the  Donors



Major  programme

Marr-Munning Trust

Jan 2015-Dec 2020

Kathmandu, Morang
Sponsorship of education and living costs for girls,                              Awareness raising

Stromme Foundation


Jun 2011-Dec 2013


Establishment of local level mechanism at VDC level , saving and credit programme and various income generation activities, Empowerment of adolescent girls through "Sambad Center" Operation  (non-formal education), Establishment of Information Desk

Individual Educational Support  ( Landmark Foundation)

Mar 2010-Mar 2013


Educational Support to the girls being rehabilitated in ABC Nepal

Women Development office of Kathmandu ( gov. support)

2065 to 2068 /69B.S.


Rescue , rehabilitation and reintegration support

Individual Donation






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