Our dream Project

ABC has been running rehabilitation home in Kathmandu since 1994. We have been receiving victims of trafficking as well as victims of various forms of violence such as: domestic violence, rape, victim of internal conflict from different sources. Till now we have provided rehabilitation to 1700 victims, provided legal and medical counseling, economic empowerment. We do not have our own transit home and are facing lot of problems. We are paying NRs. 40,000 (in words: Forty Thousand Only) per month, it is very difficult to run this transit home. If you help us by donating, we will mobilize it for our own transit home at Kathmandu and towards the self reliant of victims (children, adolescent girls and women) of various forms of violence. Sometime it's very difficult to trace the family of the victims to rehabilitate them in the family or community and we have to keep the victim for long time.

Why we need our own rehabilitation home and intervention to make self reliant to victims of various forms of violence

1. ABC Nepal is well known organization working on various form of violence against women. Now-a-days, the cases related to violence against women is increasing in Nepal. So, there is need for a well equipped rehabilitation home to provide moral and emotional support as well as for legal services to give them justice and develop their self confidence. Moreover, we have received harassment from the community as well as from landlord for not providing support to the victims. Their perception regarding the victim has not been changed.

2. ABC Nepal is the partner organization of ministry of women and children and social welfare, refers the cases related to violence to ABC Nepal.  We have been receiving the violence related cases from temporary transit homes of different district, other NGOs, police and concerned agencies

3. ABC Nepal is well known organization not only in Nepal also in the region. When in India the government rescue the victim related to trafficking they always refers to ABC Nepal for rehabilitation and reintegration in the community.

4. Rehabilitation and reintegration in the community is a very sensitive task, it may takes long time to empower the communities to bring the changes in their perception. At the same time, empowering the victim girls and women in their social and economical aspect is also becoming more challenge which need a holistic intervention to make them self reliant. 

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