Raginiís dream of having own house

Raginiís dream of having own house

Ragini Kharbinda is an active adolescent and participant of Semara SAMVAD Kendra, Pajarkarri Village Development Committee (VDC), Rupandehi, Nepal.  She is 17 years old today. She studies in grade 5 in Pajarkatti Secondary School, Pajarkatti-5, Semara Rupandehi and lives with her 6 member family.

Her family depends on their small tea shop's income. It was running few years back but unable to upgrade due to lack of investment. With the support of NRs. 3000 from SABAL Programme which is implemented by the ABC Nepal in the technical and financial cooperation of the Stromme Foundation upgraded her shop 2 months ago. His mother and father usually run the shop but Ragini also contribute at the free time. She has learned to cook snacks and make tea as well.

'We could not earn more than NRs. 100 or 150 per day before to add additional snacks items in our shop but now we are earning more than NRs. 300 per day. We could able to manage our family basic requirements like food, clothes, festival expenses and others from the income of the shop. You can see that we have very happy family although we are economically poor', Ragini proudly shared with us.

'I hope, we could extend our shops and more variety of snacks which contribute us to get more profit. I am dreaming of having our own house and want to continue my study at least secondary level. She expressed with full of tear in her eyes.'

(Information collected; 25 November, 2013)


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