SAMBAD Programme 
Duration of the project : January 2013 -2017
Programme Area        : Rupandehi Nawalparasi
Supported by             : Stromme foundation

This project is designed for 5 years intervention in a three thematic areas namely, Community Empowerment and Samvad Kendra, Livelihood promotion through Income Generation Activities and Small Business promotion and Advocacy and Lobby.
The overall goal of this programme is “Adolescent girls together with their families (so called Dalits) become aware on their rights, educated, conscious on their roles, economically productive and empowered to fight against their social taboo and become less vulnerable for trafficking”. Based on intervention lines, this project has three specific objectives :
a) adolescents empowered to fight against trafficking, exploitation, discrimination and other forms of violence / ill practices,
b) adolescents become self reliant and legitimate rights through acquiring trade skills and engaging in income generating activities, and
c) Dalits and marginalized communities actively engaged in networks and empowered to fight against injustice, social taboos and culturally deep rooted malpractices


Educate adolescent girls on trafficking and other forms of social violence
Establish Samvad centers  at community level

Developed Samvad development plans
Forn SST to support Samvad Kendras
Provide animators ToT(Training of trainers) on Samvad Kendra (SK) operation
Training programme staffs (supervisors and key staffs) on adolescent issues, life skills, social mobilization and IGAs


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