Sponsor a Girl

The transit home here in ABC Nepal lodges girls from various backgrounds. The young juvenile heart and souls that aspired to live a normal life as other kids never turned that fortunate. The only reason for them to be here is the insecurity they experience being a girl. They have been victim of various forms of violence, be it a rape or sexual exploitation. Some were rescued from probable rackets of human trafficking and some escaped the house lords where they were kept by their parent as child labor. Every story is unique and everyone is genuine but the care and support they need is same. They also need the same love we give it to our child. The dream they see is no different from the one every other child sees. They equally are the foundation of the humanity as every other child in this earth.

The ultimate goal of ABC Nepal is to provide a good home and a good background to all such girls under its guardianship. We have been working our best to provide all their basic amenities and not deprive from what they need to enjoy their life being a child.  We have been sending them to the best schools, equivalent to those send by the upper middle class Nepalese parents. We have never compromised their dreams and have always been with them in their need.

To give a shelter and fulfill all the needs of nearly 30 little girls and make them pursue their study and follow their dream has always been a challenging task for us. And this would never have been possible without the effort of those who have been supporting and standing besides us from the past several years. We shall always be grateful to them for what they have done to us and the girls who were in desperate need of it.

This is an appeal to all those helping hand who are interested in making a difference. As it is said nobody can do everything yet everyone can do something. The little effort you make from your side can really be a boon for someone and turn their life upside down. Please hold our hands tight so that we never lose the grip from what we have been doing for the last twenty five years. And give a girl a new life.


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