Success Stories

”When I was 17 years, my parents forced me to marry man coming from a very poor family. Since my husband was illiterate, not having sufficient land for agriculture, I used to work as daily wage labourer.
'I couldn't even imagine having a face to face conversation with my parents. I still can't believe that I stood up against my family's decision, I mustered enough courage to say no to my marriage and convinced them', says Mona proudly.
“It’s our pride that even male members of our families adhere the decisions of our group and our families and community listens to us these days. We are now thinking of its sustainability”
We were so scared when we saw Rima attempting suicide hanging by scarf from a fan. Fortunately, we saw and stopped her’ Animator Sayada frightfully shares the bitter encountered at SAMVAD Kendra.
Ragini Kharbinda is an active adolescent participant of Semara SAMVAD Kendra in Pajarkarri, Nepal. Her family of 6, live in extreme poverty in the Dalit community of Pajarkarri. Her parents run a small kiosk that sells tea and snacks to villagers.
Tehera Khatun 30 yrs is a widow in Basantpur Nepal. She has a little daughter of 6 years. Some of the saddest moments in her life was when she couldn't afford the simple things her little daughter asks for. Strengthened by the support received from SAMVAD Kendra.
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