Transit Home

ABC/Nepal established in 1987 has been working in women's issues with the objective of empowering women through improving their socio-economic and political status. In addition, it is the first organization in the country to publicize the issue of girl trafficking in Nepal drawing attention of different segment of society in 1990.

ABC/N has been working with vigilance networks in major exits of border to India to rescue women from being trafficking. These women including returnee from brothel are served from ABC/N women shelter (a rehabilitation centre) since 1996. These shelters primarily defined to deliver psycho-social support, provide vocational training to survivors, and prepare returnee and rescued  women to live their life with full dignity and economic security. In course of time, the shelter was indeed had to provide health service which was not part, thus, had to seek services outside. Thus, the importance was felt to incorporate the health services as a component in women shelter.
ABC is running three Transit Home in Biratnagar, Kathmandu and Bhairahawa. Capacity of the Transit Homes are for 30-35 girls in Kathmandu and 10/10 girls for Biratnagar (own home) and Bhairahawa (own home).


Improve the delivery of quality health service including psycho-social support from shelter, to survivors of violence & trafficking with right-based approach.

Specific objectives:
Respond the immediate health needs of victims/survivors.
Provide safe shelter and food along with the education which is also the basic need of every human being
Document injuries sustained from violence so that it would help women in seeking legal help and remedies if required. Provide easy access to a quality medical care
Provide referral services for further consultation with specialist and/or test and investigation.
Provide support to overcome the trauma of violence, prepare them to assume self respect to lead a safe healed life Maintain confidentiality of survivors
Raise awareness on gender based violence


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