Vision and Mission

Revised Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives (As per Stratergy Planning Workshop 2014)

Society free from exploitation and ensure human dignity

Raise overall status of marginalized community with special focus on women and youth

Empowering marginalized people and Dalit on their rights


  • To prevent and protect trafficking in person through rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration and ensure justice
  • To build the collective strengths and negotiation skills of client communities, CBOs and other stakeholders on Reproductive health, nutrition, water and sanitation, livelihood, child rights, education and gender.
  • To facilitate economic empowerment of the Dalits and marginalized people through Sustainable Livelihood and create awareness on food security
  • To lobby the government to formulate and implement laws in accordance with international instruments and national laws related to women, children and adolescents
  • To promote and protect the rights of women’s mobility for Safe Migration
  • To provide support and enable child/adolescent friendly educational environment for access , retention, completion and life long education
  • To create awareness on Reproductive Health, Safe Motherhood and HIV/AIDS
  • To promote and strengthen community based micro-finance and cooperatives
  • To enhance the access of Dalit and marginalized communities on safe water and create awareness on environmental sanitation
  • To strengthen duty bearers and right holders to lobby and advocate on socio-cultural issues 

Strategies and approaches

  • Right Based Approach
  • Downward accountability
  • Networking and information sharing
  • Fostering dialogue between right holders and duty bearers;
  • Coordination with government agencies and other like minded organizations for amplified voices, synergy building and collective action
  • Pressure and Advocacy through public debate and critical mass mobilization
  • Media mobilization for strengthening peoples centered advocacy
  • Behavior change communication
  • Community Mobilization

Thematic areas:

  • Trafficking in Person (Prevention, Protection and Prosecution -3P)
  • Education for all
  • Safe Migration
  • Food Security and Sustainable Livelihood
  • Reproductive Health, Safe Motherhood and HIV/AIDS
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Micro-finance and Cooperatives
  • Lobby and Advocacy

Cross Cutting Issues

  • Gender and Cultural Sensitivity
  • Environmental Management and Climate Change
  • Good Governance

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