ABC Nepal was the first organisation that raised the issue of human trafficking in Nepal in 1987. Though this issue was one of the critical issues but no attention was given by the government and other agencies.

In 1990, we organized the first seminar on this issue of human trafficking which was inaugurated by senior politician and Mr Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, the first Prime Minister after the restoration of democracy in 1990 with an objective to sensitize public, press, government and other stakeholder. One of the victims of the trafficking who was rescued from Bombay was also the guest of honour of the seminar.

We formed the first National Net work against trafficking of different NGOs to put pressure to the government for the prevention of trafficking.

We rescued 124 minor girls from Bombay in 1999 in the coordination with different seven Nepali NGOs and Indian organisation and safely repatriated from Bombay.

We also rescued 44 minor girls from Apollo circus Delhi India with the help of Nepali organisation based in Delhi (Pravasi Nepali Mitra Munch).

There were many discriminating laws related to women, we along with various organisations did lobby and successful to change the law such as inheritance property rights to daughter, rape law, law related to marriage, divorce, and polygamy and abuse law.

We formed more than 250 self help groups (SHGs) for the Socio-economic empowerment of women. At present about 200 groups as Women Saving and Credit Groups are operating in different parts of the country which has raised their self confidence and also raised their social status in the family and the societies. Furthermore, many members of the SHGs have solved various cases of violence related to adolescent girls and women in local level.

ABC/Nepal provided support to about 1700 victim of various form of violence. The major supports we have provided are rescue and rehabilitation. Legal and counselling services, Education of the victims and various gainful employments of the victims. The attitude of the victim has been changed and they are living normal life and their status in the family and societies has been raised.

We have been successful to lobby the government to formulate national plan and policy related to trafficking. There was no national laws and policy related to trafficking due to our continuous lobby and advocacy, government has formulated national laws and policy related to trafficking (commitment  to prepare national plan of action relate to trafficking. at present, government has formulated national task force under the ministry of women and social welfare involving various sectoral ministries and NGOs. In district level, government has formed district task force under the coordination of Chief district officer involving other stakeholders. Our President,  Mrs. Ghimire was also the member of central level task force group related to trafficking, representing from NGOs.

We along with other organisation did lot lobby and advocacy and successful to have 33 percent women in the parliament.