ABC Nepal has been conducting wide spectra of programmes in various parts of the country directed towards girls and women. The following are the projects being implementated by ABC Nepal under the collaboration with various national and international supporters.

• KINOE (Kids in Need of Education)
• Working in network
• Current Partners
• Sambad
• Partners in past
• Mangala Sahana Center
• Support A Girl

KINOE (Kids in Need of Education)

KINOE is a UK based charity that has been providing funding to ABC Nepal since 2005 which includes:
• Sponsorship of living costs for girls at hostel
• Sponsorship of education for girls at hostel
• Awareness Raising Activities
• Vocational Training Activities

The funding provided by the charity are directed to support for girls rescued from traffickers sheltering at rehabilitation centre of Kathmandu and Biratnagar.


The overall objective of project is to reduce incident of trafficking of women and girls from Rupandehi aiming for labour migration to the Middle East, with a particular focus on domestic and garment sector.

Working in Network

NNAGT (National Network Against Girl Trafficking)
NANGAN – to combat trafficking and prevent HIV/AIDS
SAFAHT (South Asia Forum Against Human Trafficking)
CATW – (Coalition Against Trafficking in Women)
CAPWIP (Centre for Asia Pacific Women In Politics)
SACCPEW (South Asia Coordination Committee for Political Empowerment of Women)
Task Force of CEDAW Monitoring Committee and others.