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Current Programs:

Community-based Interventions for the Empowerment of Women and Prevention of Labour (Work in Freedom Project)
ABC Nepal has been implementing Work in Freedom Project in 15 VDCs of Rupandehi district. The development objective of the program is to reduce incident of trafficking of women and girls from Rupandehi aiming for labour migration to the Middle East, with a particular focus on domestic and garment sector. Community based interventions under the Work in Freedom Programme are aimed at identifying potential migrants in places of origin and providing information that can assist in informed decision making about whether to migrate and how to migrate safer. The objectives of the project is Enhance capacity of project staff and key stakeholders to deliver and monitor project interventions; Empower potential women migrant workers with knowledge and support services on safe migration channels, skills training, rights and responsibilities at work, and how to avoid being trafficked; Strengthen coordination and advocacy mechanisms at local to national level for prevention of trafficking; and Improve access to available support services for potential women and girls migrant workers through referral mechanisms in place.

 Act Now

ABC Nepal partnered with Stromme foundation for a project named ACT Now which focuses on the Volunteer Exchange between Nepal and Norway.  With an objective of enhancing capacity of adolescents by increasing their confidence, self-esteem and leadership the project was proposed. Hence, adolescents from Nepal have been visiting Norway for the tenure of a year and are learning various aspects of leadership and development. Also, the volunteers from Norway spend 6 months in Nepal in which they support the organization in their work and contribute in development process.

Mangala Sahana Long term rehabilitation home
ABC Nepal  has been operating Managala Sahana long term Rehabilitation Center collaboration with Women and Children Ministry of Nepal Government since 2016. It has been providing support to the survivors of different forms of violence, which has referred/recommended by Nepal government. The Center has been providing counseling, residential services, health care services, formal and non-formal education, life skill training, vocational training to the survivors. 12 women/girls have been provided services from the Center.

The funding provided by the charities below are directed to support for girls rescued from traffickers, being sheltering at the rehabilitation centre of Kathmandu and Biratnagar.

Do Good Now
Support for shelter, lodging and education support providing different information through awareness program and surveillance center.

KINOE (Kids in Need of Education)
Education support to survivor living within the transit home and outside the transit home who have been already reintegrated in  their family. Skillful training for the marginalized women and the survivors of different forms of violence.

BlessVision Foundation
Education support to survivors.

SAMVAD Program (for Education and Empowerment of Adolescents), Kaveli

The project is planned for operating 126 SAMVAD Centers (63 SAMVAD in 2019 and 63 in 2020). The third year i.e. 2021 will be focused on Graduate follow up program of the graduates formed form the operation of 2 cycles of SAMVAD Program. It will focus on strengthening SAMVAD graduate forums/networks to fight against ill practices of the society, play the role of change agents, and create critical mass against corruption, favoritism, nepotism, and building the responsive and capable citizen of nation in a sustainable manner and also to engage need graduate girls in income generating activities for their sustainable livelihoods.  The program in every year will also support graduate forums and network that were facilitated and promoted from 2017 and 2018 as a part of ODW and NORAD program.

Youth Action for Change   

The Project started on November 2020 and will end by April 2022.  By then, 1685 youths are trained on gender-based discrimination, injustice, corruption, exploitation, and culturally deep-rooted ill practices and empowered to bring positive changes in attitude/behaviors of individuals, families, communities.

  • Targeted youths and their families have increased ability to manage harmful effects of Gender Based Violence and addressing mental health issues.
  • Duty-bearers contribute to protect women and children against all forms of violence, abuse, exploitation, and mental health issues
  • Local level (SF working wards) GBV and child protection referral systems are in place

Recently Completed Projects:

Socio-economic Empowerment with Dignity and Sustainability (SEEDS Programme)
This programme is envisioned to sustain the outcomes of adolescent empowerment program that encompass the entire family with the concept of family as a unit where parents, children and adolescents will benefit. This program is focused on four thematic areas: Quality Education, Social Protection, IGA/Livelihood Improvement and strengthening sustainable community structure. SEEDS programme facilitates the communities to engage in SHGs for collective voicing and build their capacities at individual and group level. It encourages communities to put their voices and demands in local plans. The Self-Help Groups (SHGs) is the foundation of SEEDS programme for all development initiatives that adopts right based approach which empower the communities to claim and protect their rights.

Right Based Education for Dalit Youths in Nepal (SAMVAD Programme)
SAMVAD is a learning and action research process that builds analytical capacity and confidence among the participants and helps them to be self-reliant. It is an innovative initiative developed through synchronizing the liberating educational method of Paulo Freire, PRA tools and techniques, spirit of mind management approach and REFLECT. It focuses on social, economic and political empowerment of the 5000 adolescents from Dalit, Janajati, Muslim and other excluded families. Indispensable awareness in the adolescent’s life, income generation and learning by doing are the main ingredients of SAMVAD.

Cracking social constraints through Technology (Effect)
The project is focused on improving database maintenance system of organizational records through technically improved resource thus resulting in the visibility of organizational achievements.

Labour market Information and Employment services
The purpose of the project is to strengthen the ESC through provision of the needed data and information on Employing agencies and job seekers in Rupandehi.