Building Tomorrow’s Leaders: ALUMNI Program’s Impact on Youth in Nepal

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

ALUMNI Program’s Impact on Youth in Nepal

In the dynamic landscape of Nepal’s educational and developmental sectors, the ALUMNI Program stands out as a beacon of innovation and hope. This program aims to harness the untapped potential of youth in the Susta, Sarawal, and Palhinandan Rural Municipalities, focusing on those aged 10 to 24 years.


Transformation : Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of the ALUMNI Program is to transform Nepalese youth into proactive agents for change who can tackle the challenges that affect their communities. Its objectives are clearly delineated:

  1. Activating Alumni Networks: Making SAMVAD Alumni Networks operational and effective in addressing the multifaceted disadvantages faced by adolescents.
  2. Empowering Youth: Enabling young people to confront their problems, thereby reducing their vulnerabilities.
  3. Boosting Learning and Employability: Enhancing the learning outcomes and job readiness of the youth involved.

By it’s own SAMVAD reaches out to adolescents who are at various crossroads of life that come from backgrounds plagued with discrimination and are at high risk of exploitation and trafficking.
The ALUMNI program, facilitated by ABC Nepal and supported by various partners including the Stromme Foundation, is designed to engage and empower young people who have graduated from the SAMVAD centers. These centers originally focus on providing education and empowerment to adolescents, especially from marginalized communities in Nepal. Once these adolescents complete their time at SAMVAD centers, they move into the ALUMNI program, which aims to further their development through advanced learning opportunities and community engagement.

The ALUMNI Program, orchestrated by ABC Nepal with support from the Stromme Foundation, is revolutionizing youth empowerment in the West Nawalparasi district of Nepal. This initiative is not only about education but also about creating agents of change among the youth. Dive into how this program leverages the power of education and community networks to build a brighter future for Nepalese youth.

Focused Achievements Since 2022

The ALUMNI program as been working in full fledgedly since 2022 and been able to complete various milestones.

  1. Advocacy Training Success: A total of 198 network members have enhanced their skills through nine events focused on evidence-based advocacy training, equipping them to effectively push for social reforms and policy changes.
  2. Drug Awareness Campaigns: The program organized three major rallies led by 141 ward-level alumni network members to educate the community about the dangers of drug use. Additionally, interaction sessions with parents have spread awareness about legal frameworks and preventive measures against drug abuse.
  3. Educational Support through Balbagaicha Centers: The 162 Balbagaicha centers, managed by SAMVAD graduates, serve as nurturing educational environments for 3,355 children. These centers are pivotal in improving children’s behavioral and learning outcomes, much to the satisfaction of their parents.
  4. Environmental Initiatives and Community Support: In celebration of Nepal’s 15th Republic Day, alumni distributed stationery to disadvantaged students and launched the “One Home One Tree” campaign, promoting environmental consciousness across Sarawal RM.
  5. Self-Defense Training for Adolescents: A vital component of the program has been empowering 324 adolescents with basic self-defense skills, alongside training in legal and ethical aspects of self-protection.
  6. Cross-Cultural Exposure Trips: Fifteen girls from the Nawalparasi district were given the opportunity for an educational visit to the Rolpa district, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of diverse Nepalese cultures.
  7. Infrastructure Development in Schools: Significant improvements have been made to the school infrastructure in Rampurwa-1, enhancing the learning environment for 25 girls and 42 children, thus fostering better educational outcomes.

The ALUMNI Program’s strategic and multifaceted approach to youth empowerment in Nepal is more than just educational; it’s transformational. It has not only equipped young individuals with the tools to become change-makers but has also instilled in them a sense of responsibility towards their communities. This initiative exemplifies how structured support and community engagement can elevate the potential of youth, preparing them to lead their communities into a brighter, more sustainable future.