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Our Work in Biratnagar

Explore how ABC Nepal’s Safe House, in collaboration with Ipas Nepal & UNFPA, provided shelter, empowerment, and vital services to over 100 GBV survivors across Koshi Province from August 2020 to August 2024.

The effect in the east

Embarking on a journey of empowerment and impact, the SAMVAD project shines brightly as it illuminates pathways to education, employment, and social change for adolescents in Nepal, fostering a future filled with promise and opportunity.

A beacon of hope: SAMVAD

In the heart of Nepal’s West Nawalparasi district, a beacon of hope shines for adolescents through the “Education and Empowerment of Adolescents in Nepal (SAMVAD) Program.” This initiative, led by ABC Nepal and supported by the Stromme Foundation, is pioneering efforts to empower young individuals from marginalized communities, fostering an environment where they can thrive free from social injustices and trafficking. Dive into the transformative impacts of SAMVAD to learn about its recent achievements.

Empowering Nepal’s Youth: The ALUMNI Program

The ALUMNI Program, orchestrated by ABC Nepal with support from the Stromme Foundation, is revolutionizing youth empowerment in the West Nawalparasi district of Nepal. This initiative is not only about education but also about creating agents of change among the youth. Dive into how this program leverages the power of education and community networks to build a brighter future for Nepalese youth.

Bridging Cultures, Building Leaders: The ACT NOW Exchange Program

The ACT NOW Exchange Program is a pioneering initiative designed to foster youth participation and leadership in civil society through international cultural exchanges. This program, linking Nepal and Norway, enhances cross-cultural understanding and develops leadership skills among the youth, paving the way toward achieving global poverty eradication goals.

Strengthening Safeguards: Phase II GBV Prevention and Response Program

In Koshi Province, ABC Nepal is pioneering significant advancements in gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and response with its Phase II program. Supported by the Swiss Government, Norwegian Embassy, and UNFPA, and in collaboration with local municipalities, this initiative is tailored to reduce gender discrimination and enhance community resilience. This article examines the impactful strategies and key achievements of this vital program.

Transforming Lives at Mangala Sahana Long Term Rehabilitation Centre

Nestled in the heart of Nepal, the Mangala Sahana Long Term Rehabilitation Centre offers a sanctuary for women and girls affected by gender-based violence. This centre is not just a facility; it’s a lifeline that provides holistic care and support to help survivors rebuild their lives with dignity and strength.

Nurturing Futures: The ABC Nepal Rehabilitation Center and Child Care Home

At the ABC Nepal Rehabilitation Center and Child Care Home, young girls who have faced the horrors of trafficking and abuse find a sanctuary. This center not only provides safety but fosters an environment where these young survivors can heal, grow, and reclaim their futures.

Our projects

Our organization is involved in numerous projects to rescue, rehabilitate, educate and train the underprivileged women and girls in our nation.

Our Works in Different Sectors

Explore the diverse rehabilitation facilities operated by ABC Nepal in cities like Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Pokhara, and Dharan, each providing unique programs to empower survivors.
Discover ABC Nepal’s diverse vocational training programs that provide survivors with the skills needed for employment and personal growth, fostering economic independence and empowerment.
Explore how ABC Nepal is making a difference in rural areas through awareness programs that educate and empower communities on essential social issues.
Uncover the transformative educational programs at ABC Nepal that empower marginalized communities with essential skills and learning opportunities.
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