Nurturing Futures:

The ABC Nepal Rehabilitation Center and Child Care Home

In the bustling city of Kathmandu, the ABC Nepal Rehabilitation Center and Child Care Home stands as a beacon of hope and renewal for young girls rescued from the clutches of trafficking and abuse. Established in 1996, this center has dedicated itself to providing a healing and nurturing environment where these girls can recover and prepare for a promising future.

Mission and Services

The mission of the ABC Nepal Rehabilitation Center is multifaceted, aiming not only to provide a safe haven but to empower the girls through comprehensive rehabilitation services. This includes:

  • Psychosocial Counseling: Helping girls overcome trauma and rebuild their self-esteem.
  • Education and Vocational Training: Equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for self-sufficiency.
  • Family Reintegration: Facilitating their return to families and communities in a supportive manner.

Facilities and Services:

The center offers a wide array of services designed to address the physical, emotional, and educational needs of its residents:

  • Residential Care: Safe lodging and nutritious food.
  • Health Services: Regular health checkups and medical treatment.
  • Educational Opportunities: School enrollments and provision of educational materials.
  • Vocational Training: Programs in beauty parlor skills and other trades to aid economic independence.

At the ABC Nepal Rehabilitation Center and Child Care Home, young girls who have faced the horrors of trafficking and abuse find a sanctuary. This center not only provides safety but fosters an environment where these young survivors can heal, grow, and reclaim their futures.

Achievements of 2023

Over the past year, the ABC Nepal Rehabilitation Center has made significant strides in improving the lives of its residents:

  • Health and Security: Girls have reported better health outcomes and a greater sense of security.
  • Educational Advancements: Many girls have continued their education, with some excelling in national examinations.
  • Successful Reintegrations: A number of girls have been successfully reintegrated with their families, continuing their education and leading more stable lives.
  • Community Awareness: The center has increased community awareness about the issues of trafficking and violence through outreach programs and street drama performances.

The center’s comprehensive approach has yielded positive results, with many girls experiencing improved confidence and life skills. Regular updates in the annual report show marked improvements in academic achievements and psychological well-being.

The ABC Nepal Rehabilitation Center and Child Care Home exemplifies the power of targeted support and compassionate care in transforming lives. Through its dedicated efforts, the center ensures that each girl it shelters has the opportunity to overcome her past and build a strong, independent future.