Comprehensive Rehabilitation:

ABC Nepal’s Facilities Across Diverse Cities

ABC Nepal’s commitment to social change extends beyond educational empowerment, deeply embedding into the fabric of rehabilitation for survivors of trafficking and violence. With facilities strategically located across various cities, ABC Nepal provides a sanctuary for healing and recovery, tailoring their services to meet the diverse needs of those they serve.

Kathmandu: A Beacon for Comprehensive Care

In the capital city, Kathmandu, ABC Nepal operates a flagship rehabilitation center that has been active since 1996. This facility is not just a home but a comprehensive care center providing survivors with counseling, healthcare, educational opportunities, and vocational training. The center’s holistic approach is designed to empower women to regain control over their lives and reintegrate into society successfully.

Impact in Kathmandu:

  • Over 2,000 women and girls have been rehabilitated and reintegrated into their families and communities.
  • A wide range of vocational training programs, including sewing, beauty services, and computer skills, are offered to enhance economic independence.

Biratnagar: Expanding Horizons in the East

In Biratnagar, one of the economic hubs of eastern Nepal, ABC Nepal’s facility focuses on supporting women from the region’s rural areas. The center specializes in legal aid, providing survivors with the necessary resources to understand and advocate for their rights, alongside psychological counseling and health services.

Impact in Biratnagar:

  • Hundreds of women have received legal support, empowering them to pursue justice.
  • Regular health check-ups and psychological support have markedly improved the mental and physical well-being of the residents.

Pokhara: Fostering Recovery in Serenity

The rehabilitation center in Pokhara takes advantage of its serene environment, focusing heavily on psychological recovery through nature-based therapies. This facility offers unique programs such as art therapy, gardening, and eco-therapy, which leverage the surrounding natural beauty to aid healing.

Impact in Pokhara:

  • Innovative therapies have proven effective in reducing PTSD symptoms among survivors.
  • The center has become a model for integrating environmental healing processes into rehabilitation.

Dharan: A Hub for Education and Skill Development

In Dharan, ABC Nepal emphasizes education and skill development to ensure that women and girls have the tools needed for self-sufficiency. The center provides extensive training in various trades, including tailoring and handicrafts, which are linked to local economic opportunities.

Moving forward…

Across Nepal, ABC Nepal’s rehabilitation centers operate as a network of hope, each tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of their respective cities. These centers not only restore dignity and provide essential services but also contribute to broader societal change by empowering survivors to become advocates for their rights and active participants in their communities.

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  • How can one support ABC Nepal’s rehabilitation centers?

Support can be provided through donations, volunteering in various capacities, or by partnering with ABC Nepal to provide technical expertise. For more details, please contact us.

  • What types of programs are offered at these rehabilitation centers?

Programs vary by location but generally include psychological counseling, legal aid, healthcare, vocational training, and educational opportunities.

  • Are there specific programs tailored for girls and women?

Yes, ABC Nepal prioritizes empowering girls and women through dedicated educational and vocational training programs, which focus on enhancing their legal awareness and rights education.