Our story starts way back, but our mission remains the same.

1987 – We first started our work
1991 – Recognized by the nepal government
1995 – rescue and rehabilitation from India started
2003 – Became part of Women’s Rights
2015 – reach of over 100 volunteers

ABC Nepal is a Non-Governmental organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Founded by Ms. Durga Ghimire, the organization works to rescue girls who have been victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. It provides rehabilitation services to survivors and offers training programs to help them reintegrate into society. The organization’s mission is to empower survivors of traumatic events to rebuild their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.


First Anti Human Trafficking Organization
4015 Women and Girls rescued
Operating over 5 rehabilitation centres
Helping other communities
Opening the first border rescue office
Consulting on HIV/AIDS misinformation
Rehabilitated over 1500 Girls
Training programs in rural areas for women
Receiving the Presidential Award
Inspiring and supporting women empowerment
Message from the Founder: Mrs. Durga Ghimire

A Vision of Hope

As the founder of ABC Nepal, I envisioned a future where women are empowered and trafficking is eradicated. Since our humble beginnings in 1987, we’ve been pioneers in this fight, hosting conferences, rescuing victims, and providing vital support services. Our journey has been marked by resilience and determination, but our work is far from over. Together, let’s continue striving for a world where every woman can thrive and every individual is free from exploitation.

Message from the President: Mrs. Mina Khatri

Empowering Women, Ending Trafficking

At ABC Nepal, our commitment to empowering women and ending trafficking is unwavering. Since our inception in 1987, we’ve led the charge in raising awareness, providing support, and advocating for change. From rescuing victims to offering income-generating training and legal protection, we’re dedicated to fostering self-reliance and leadership among women while combating the scourge of trafficking. Join us in our mission to create a safer, more equitable future for all.

Meet Our Team

Meet the passionate individuals driving change at ABC Nepal! Get to know our dedicated board members before exploring our impactful work.

Mr. Ananda Bahadur Shrestha

Vice President

Mrs. Chanda Bista

General Secretary

Dr. Madhavi Singh Shah


Mrs. Deepa Bhattarai


Dr. Chapala Koirala


Mrs. Bishnu Sharma


Mr. Dinesh Raj Satyal


Mrs. Chadani Rana


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