Empowering Survivors: ABC Nepal Safe House at Biratnagar

In collaboration with Ipas Nepal and UNFPA, ABC Nepal operates a Safe House in the heart of Koshi Province, Biratnagar Metropolitan City, dedicated to supporting women and girls who have faced gender-based violence (GBV). Over the span of four years, from August 2020 to August 2024, the Safe House has played a crucial role in providing shelter, counseling, empowerment, and essential services to survivors.

The primary mission of ABC Nepal Safe House is to offer holistic support to GBV survivors, encompassing shelter, counseling, income-generating activities, skill development training, health and legal support, rehabilitation, and orientation on women’s rights and empowerment. Its objectives are aimed at fostering resilience, independence, and empowerment among survivors, thereby breaking the cycle of violence and fostering a supportive community.

The Safe House operates across various districts within Koshi Province, including Morang, Udaypur, and Okhaldhunga, extending its services to survivors residing in Biratnagar Metropolitan City and surrounding municipalities. Its reach extends beyond physical shelter, catering to the diverse needs of survivors who seek assistance and support.

Under the ongoing GBV PR Phase II project, the Safe House undertakes multifaceted initiatives, including shelter home operations, advocacy with stakeholders, life skills training, and collaboration with local governments and NGOs. Basic livelihood and skill-based training programs are designed to equip survivors with the tools necessary for self-sufficiency and economic independence.

Over the four-year period, the Safe House has accommodated 134 survivors, providing them with a safe haven and access to essential services. Additionally, 112 survivors have received support and assistance without accommodation. Notably, 24 dependent children have also been sheltered and supported during this time. Furthermore, 49 survivors have undergone basic livelihood training, with 18 receiving seed money to kickstart their entrepreneurial endeavors. The Safe House has conducted 12 advocacy meetings, fostering collaboration and awareness among stakeholders.

At the district level, the Safe House collaborates closely with local authorities, including municipalities, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and provincial shelter homes. Partnerships with UNFPA and Ipas Nepal strengthen the effectiveness and reach of the Safe House’s interventions, ensuring comprehensive support for survivors.

The ABC Nepal Safe House stands as a beacon of hope and resilience, providing a lifeline for GBV survivors across Koshi Province. Through its unwavering dedication, collaborative efforts, and impactful initiatives, the Safe House continues to empower survivors, restore dignity, and advocate for a violence-free society. This report serves as a testament to the transformative impact of collective action and underscores the importance of ongoing support and advocacy in addressing gender-based violence.