Annual Review of Project SAMVAD: Empowering Adolescents in Nepal

At the culmination of 2022, the central office of ABC/Nepal Kathmandu undertook a two-day field visit to assess the annual progress of the Education and Employment of Adolescents in Nepal (SAMVAD) project and the Youth Action for Change (YAC) initiative in Bhairahawa, Rupandehi.

Day 1:

An interactive session took place at the SAMVAD office in Palhinadan Gau-Palika, with approximately 50-55 adolescent participants engaging in presentations on project targets, policies, and achievements. Highlighted were initiatives like Bal-bangaicha for children and home coaching to combat social issues such as child marriage and trafficking. The visit also included meeting with the Ama Samuha (Mothers Group), where members expressed satisfaction with the project’s impact, particularly its support for income-generating activities and education.

Day 2:

The Annual Review Meeting convened at Hotel Ashoka, Bhairhawa, reviewing events and outputs of 2022. Presentations from project associates emphasized achievements in managing adolescent groups, children’s education, and the formation of Ama Samuha. Notable accomplishments included the operation of 46 Bal-bangaicha benefiting 936 children and home coaching for 2,346 students. Initiatives like the savings scheme of Ama Samuha and door-to-door COVID awareness campaigns underscored the project’s holistic approach.

Observations and Future Plans:

The visiting team noted strong coordination with stakeholders and highlighted success stories as indicators of impact. Lessons learned emphasized the importance of planning, monitoring, and youth engagement. Looking ahead to 2022, plans include setting up network bank accounts and enhancing program efficiency.

This comprehensive review reflects SAMVAD’s commitment to empowering adolescents and fostering positive change in communities across Nepal.